Quality Beyond the Cliché

Angarhela holds an unconventional view to quality. And this is our value proposition and source of differentiation.

What We Mean In Words

In the conventional worldview, quality implies a product that meets functional specifications and expectations. In terms of this narrow, clichéd definition, quality has become a mere commodity and has lost its place as an important differentiator.

Our view, which reasserts quality as a key source of differentiation, expands farther from this definition.

To us:

  • Quality is more than just meeting spec and basic expectations. It’s about questioning same, and offering insights and ideas that will deliver quality “Beyond the Cliché”.
  • Quality is dynamic, i.e. it is contextual and continuously evolves. What is quality in one environment is not, in another. What was quality yesterday may not be, tomorrow.

What We Mean In Action

Our holistic view of quality implies a holistic approach in delivering it. If our intent is to deliver quality beyond the cliché and preserve this way of thinking as a differentiator, what better way to give it effect than structuring our business around it.

To this end, Angarhela’s way anchors on the following core pillars:

  • The People Factor - Getting the right people (people with the right mindset and capabilities) and developing them perpetually.
  • The Client Factor - Nurturing a culture of client-centricity and building long-term relationships with clients.
  • The Discipline Factor - Crystal clarity on what is good for our people, our clients and our business, and maniacal discipline in delivering it.

In short, delivering quality beyond the cliché, and doing so consistently, takes a whole organisation. And our commitment to this idea has brought us this far. It’s for these reasons we are more determined than ever to preserve and nurture this way of thinking as we deliver our difference..